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About Us

Phoenix Tower International was founded in 2013 with a mission to own and operate high quality wireless infrastructure sites in stable markets experiencing strong wireless usage growth around the world. PTI is currently focused on infrastructure expansion throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, the United States, and Europe. 

Mission Statement

Phoenix Tower International is devoted to helping its wireless infrastructure partners—customers, sellers, landlords, and communities—achieve their goals. Focused on the principles of unwavering hard work and integrity, we demonstrate this mission every day through the fair and collaborative manner in which we deal with our business partners and the dedicated operation of the wireless infrastructure sites we own and operate.


By providing wireless infrastructure, PTI helps fuel ongoing communication throughout the many townships and municipalities in which we operate. Increased communication results in a more connected local and global community, and, as an infrastructure provider, we believe it is important for PTI to be a responsible local and global citizen. PTI is an active member of PCIA—The Wireless Infrastructure Association.


Our customers depend on us not only as a site provider, but as a partner in the growth and overall success of their businesses. We look out for the best interest of each customer’s network and share in the excitement of helping their ventures develop and flourish. PTI recognizes the importance of providing quality site locations as well as demonstrated flexibility to help our customers achieve their business goals.

Landlords & Property Developers​

Landlords are critical partners in the effective operation of our wireless sites, and we go above and beyond to maintain solid, long-lasting working relationships with them. We’ve established a reputation as a responsible tenant and trusted ally by consistently meeting our obligations in a timely manner, expeditiously solving any operational matters that may arise, and upholding a spirit of collaboration and partnership. With our significant tower and real estate experience, landlords and property owners can rely on PTI’s ability to responsibly oversee their site and address any questions or concerns.

Sellers & Developers​

As with all of PTI’s partners, the key to our relationships with sellers, developer partners, and their advisors is that we treat them with the utmost respect and professionalism. Transparency is paramount so that transaction guidelines and timeframes are clear and a successful outcome is assured. Our track record instills confidence that PTI will be a responsible steward of the assets purchased, and we are constantly working to uphold our excellent reputation.


Our esteemed staff demonstrates the strong values and high standards of PTI day in and day out on the job. In turn, PTI has a duty to provide a professional work environment as well as a rewarding salary, benefits, and growth opportunities. PTI strives to provide a positive and supportive corporate atmosphere where each team member feels empowered by and proud of what they do. We welcome you to Phoenix Tower International and look forward to earning your trust and ongoing business.

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